Our Role: Director, Producer, Composer


“Unraveled” is a one-of-a-kind 360 music video experience that elevates music through spatial audio like no other.

Grab some headphones and open “YAO – Unraveled” on the computer browser (see full 360 using keys ASDW), mobile YouTube app, or inside your VR headset. As you turn, you will hear the music moving along with you.

It has been featured in the Seattle International Film Festival, Boston Cyberarts Gallery, AltSpace’s Scenes and Screens festival, Inception & Kaleidoscope Online VR Film Festival, Austin Music Video Festival, Social World Film Festival and deadCenter Film Festival.

It has also been presented at Facebook 360 Creator Meetup, Audio Engineering Society, NYVR Expo, MIT Hacking Arts, Berklee College of Music Presidential Advisory Council, and UBC Emerging Media Lab.

“Unraveled” is different because it was born to be 360.
From recording a 40-piece choir in a moving circle to creating rising and crashing waves of synth walls, spatial mixing influenced every musical decision, all for the better.

In the behind-the-scenes video, project leader and composer Yao Wang explains her vision and the innovative recording techniques behind “Unraveled”.